Come in

Come in
Go out to come in

Saturday, July 16, 2011

She said,

She was chronically sick and spoke
with a smile. ( I can hear her labored breathing)
She kept her hands; thus her mind

She said, get the cards, help
put this puzzle together,
come visit. I need to clean this,
launder that, iron this.

She said, what would I do without you?
(You'll never have to know, I told her).
As I placed a meal I cooked before her
Oh this looks delicious
she said. Tasting it, she'd blink and
swallow a small bite and say, "Delicious!"

I'd shower her and she'd be embarrassed and say,
 I can't believe my child has to shower me.
(I'd say " Someday, Mom, I'll be in the same situation; we all need help.).

Reading the newspaper, watching the news,
or when trying to navigate
Voice prompts
which were difficult to follow with bad hearing.
She said "its time to go because
the world no longer makes sense to me".

Everything lost its taste
No more smiles
She is no more
here; but she resides with me.
I picture her clearly and I remember all
she said.

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  1. I am forever touched, and can relate wholeheartedly to this. Beautiful, Pam.