Come in

Come in
Go out to come in

Friday, December 24, 2010

Broken Families

We try to be friends,
impossible, without feeling cared for
and having trust.
Even with common bonds
we can't find one
that glues.
Now that its Christmas
we're feeling the blues.
Blues for families and a world
that can't relate.
We always hope its
not too late
but who are we kidding,
its never been great.

Friday, December 17, 2010

United States of Hypocrisy

Liberty and Justice for all
only if you have tons of money
like O.J. and Assange

We have women's rights in this country
We don't walk behind the men (visibly)
like they do in Japan...
but we are silently paid less
valued less

We play the BIG guy all over the world
and can't take care of our own
We don't value our elderly
 and our poor are a holiday concern

We elect a black man to the Presidency
so us whites aren't prejudice -right?
Yet he is silently feared and this assertion is proven by
the lack of power most will allow him to assert

Most state that they are: Christians
but they are hateful, mean & intolerant;
unlike Jesus, they are
hypocrites in the land of hypocrisy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lights of Christmas




Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paralysis Analysis

of thoughts
insisting they
be answered; while we
examine every nuance,
of what was done;
left undone;
or unexpressed.
Answers seen in a facial gesture
(that could have been gas)?
We ask the aggressive question:
For which there is never an answer
that can be completely true or satisfying
under the microscope of deconstruction.
Oh, how we waste our time on Earth.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


My internal peace
should not grind and whirl
with thoughts
not easy to turn away.
I practice
stepping inside
beckoning a sparkling light
which enters
from the top of my head.
s l o w l y
 it wanders, bobbing, and gliding
like slivers of gemstones dancing
with joyfulness through obstacles
casting them aside; after a greeting.
Deep c l e a n s i n g,  exploring
accepting, while
becoming new, refreshed
in the precious moment.

p. malafronte (2010)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stepping Away

Focus on your comings
 and goings
on how many times you
do something
for you.
Do you have to please
or everyone else
Step away and make it you
Beginning today.
p.malafronte (2010)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fresh Breeze

A breeze
blew in
and erased
the stagnancy.
I expected it to be
fresh and cleansing;
so much for expectations.
Yet, it is new,
 freeing, swirling
around creating

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I see

I see that you feel differently;
oppossed to my feelings
or thoughts.
I see clearly
 that we can't agree
and that's okay
 by me.
I'll just be considering
what you say
only today; btw
can you see me?
Aren't I right?
Don't get uptight
No fists or shouts
Just go, please, go out.

Gentle Consideration

A transluscent, milky bead on the corner of a new baby's mouth
Queen Anne's Lace carried by a waif- like child
An eyelet apron dusted with flour
soft lips pressed to the nape of a slender neck
thoughts of you as an invisible breeze kisses my face
your lovliness of spirit
is held so tenderly
recognizing full fragility
p. malafronte (2010)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cloud Fossils

The clear glass reflects
my image
and beyond I see cloud fossils
that hover interpretively, some
are etched in timecapsules of memory
(remember when we saw our dog perfectly outlined?).
Soft, morphing, sculpture
wet, precious, and mobile.
Their shapes stir our pulsing hearts
and the recesses of time's circumference
rich and deep, seen everywhere
 ever present, somewhere
there for every generation;
Cloud fossils.
p. malafronte (2009)


My soul is an agitated sore blister.
 Its garment weaves thistles and poison ivy
 tightly, wrapped to choke all of my senses.
Release my spirit
away from this self inflicted misery.
Wrap me in the cashmere nourishment
of philosophy;
Buddha & Jesus,
soften the grasp, break the delusions.
They cling as one may to youth
a self decaying imposed hell;
for which there is no medicine
but there are doors and windows
within me. They've opened before,
with refreshingly new views.
p.malafronte (2007)

Do you see CRUELTY?


[smash the glass to hell's back door].
p. malafronte (2007)

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Chimes in a hurricane
Dogs, Monkeys, & Bats
Lobster, Veal Oscar, & Cheesecake
Gates', Kennedys' and the Hearsts'
Nuclear Bombs, the Sun and Hawaiian Tropic
Hari Krishna, Hamas and Jehovah's Witnesses

Anorexics at a celery buffet
Tolerance & real love
One penny in NYC
A Twin bed for all Jenny Craig members

No beginning of a Holocaust
no internet communications
A present day interview with John Lennon
p. malafronte (2008)

Friday, November 19, 2010


Glasses are small windows on your face
irritating panes
no contest for the question uttered most often
where are my glasses, my black glasses
the bane of my exisitence
those supposedly non slip glasses...
until beads of sweat
turn your nose
into a slip n slide
Opening a hot oven
your face is a bog
and the windows on your face
fog up
pull them off your ears
call the window cleaner
scratched windows on your face
time to replace the panes.
p. malafronte (2010)

Through the window...

I observed the false notion of ownership
The way people
take ownership of a parking space when they're leaving it
they wave you in
as if its theirs to give away.
pmalafronte (2007)

To dad

I can count on you to disappoint me just as surely
as I'll find a fry on the bottom of my fast food bag.
p. malafronte (2006)


looking out a window
closing a door
nothing in life is as it was before
Before i realized people do get away
with murder
mothers tolerate far too much
and some don't love
and fathers lie
and people suffer
and the question
who am i
follows me
as I practice being better
than the people who
 have and will
disallusion me
through trickery, lies, manipulation
numbing, red eyed
an all over heavy hurt
in my head
my gut
looking out the window dazed
walking out the door but no relief
no way to undo a thing.
p. malafronte(2010)