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Come in
Go out to come in

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Silent Rain Chain Meditation

Rhythmic sound
 an affirming powerful
dance, metal and water
Maples and sweet pine
in nature
ground my roaming
A small river
letting in and letting go.
My breath is natural
allowing me
to accept and let go.
With the sound
and the smell
 in breath
out breath
I cling only to
calm and soothing
Mindful of
I repeat
"May we be at ease"
for the world.
 Breaths in and out, a flowing thought:
"Impermanence is a welcome thief,
but it steals
being here now."
Listening to the movement
of water
clink down the
rain chain
I focus on impermanence with
each breath
in and out. I am at ease,
I am here now, I am here now
 feeding a calm chain of thought
throughout the world
in each moment.

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