Come in

Come in
Go out to come in

Friday, August 19, 2011

Guided Meditation

Bring your thoughts here, now. Be here in this place, right now. Be awake in each moment.
Begin to follow your in and yyour out breaths'.  Bring attention back to your true home: your breath.
Your home is not the corner house nor the sidewalk or the city or town in which you reside; your breath is your true home.

Your happiness is here in this very present moment. Not at another time with a new circumstance,
a changed body, a new location and not in different relationships, it is here now.

You have and can keep peace. Your happiness is in your true home, find your true peace in every moment. Follow and focus on  your in breath, your out breath reserving happiness. Quiet the mind,
rest the mind. Let your thoughts come but don't hang on to them, let them go.  Go back to your breath. 
a deep inhalation --In, and a slower, longer exhalation--out. In, I am Calm,  and out, I am at Ease.


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  1. Hi Pam.... thank you for a beautiful moment or two of breathing!
    Sweet blessings to you!